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Paint & Paws Portraits

by Teri Maisonneuve

Holiday Commissions: 




Hi! My name is Teri Maisonneuve, animal lover and digital pet portrait artist.  


I have two dogs, Zelda the Corgi and Navi the English Shepherd and one bun, Elrond.


My pets are my world and have brought me unconditional love and friendship through the years.  


When I paint my portraits I am always reminded of the special love we have for our pets and how precious the time is when we are side by side with our best friends.

Whether you are celebrating your pet and the happiness they bring or honoring the memory of your best friend, their portrait will always be 100% made with love.

Zelda, Navi, & Elrond


2 Dogs & A Bun makes for alot of Fun!

In 2018 we lost our Australian Shepherd, Roxy to old age.  I got her as a birthday present when I was 17 and she went with me everywhere.  She traveled with me to Kansas when I attended college and then to Pennsylvania where I attended University.  She was my first best friend and taught me how much love pets have to give.  I will always remember how gentle and sweet she was and her amazing spirit.

Not more than 5 months later, we lost our 2 year old Border Collie, Tracer to a degenerative neurological illness.  Tracer's passing hit us hard and as a way to cope, I began practicing digital art.  Every portrait I do, I am reminded of her and how she touched our hearts.  Tracer was a hard worker and although she never got the opportunity to herd any livestock, she got to practice with the "birdies" at the park, which was her favorite thing to do!  Now I am able to look back at the memories I had with Roxy and Tracer with a smile because I know how lucky I was to have such loving friends.  

Roxy & Tracer

In our memories and forever close to our heart



What I offer, Pricing, and Payment:

  • All my portraits are 8x10 inches and will be painted in a 600 dpi (dots per inch)

  • You will receive 2 different file types: .Jpeg and a .PNG with a transparent background (I can also send .SVG files upon request)

  • Price per portrait is $50

  • Payment request will come through GooglePay

How to request a Commission:

  • Fill out the commission sheet below

  • Provide as many details and preferences as you like

  • I will contact you via email once I've received your request

  • Have multiple good quality pictures of your pet(s) with different poses, lighting, etc to ensure I can capture your pet to the best of my ability

  • Time of completion varies on workload, details, background, etc. 

  • Expect your complete portrait for review in 5-7 days from when I start

    • I will notify you of your place in que if I have multiple commissions   

  • Included with your portrait files will be the finalized commission sheet and an invoice with logged hours I spent on your portrait 

  • Upon completion of your portrait you will be sent a GoogleDrive or GooglePhotos link with your artwork that contains a watermark.

  • You will approve the portrait or recommend any minor adjustments

  • Once you have approved and are happy with your portrait I will request payment 

  • Once I have your approval and payment, the watermark will be removed and the files will be available for download

*Disclaimer*  I maintain all ownership and full rights of the artwork I produce.  Rights include, but are not limited to, selling prints of your commissioned artwork, use of them for advertisement purposes, etc.  You are able to purchase full ownership of your commissioned artwork for an additional charge. 

Commission Sheet
*required fields

Thank you for requesting a commission!



If you have any questions regarding my art, requesting commissions, etc please do not hesitate to reach out!

Feel free to fill out the form or contact me via my email or social media links below!

  • Facebook
  • Instagram

Message received!

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